PRO TIPS: How to LinkedIn right 

Whether you’re urgently seeking your next role, testing the waters, or just keeping your network live, here are some Do’s and Don’ts.

DO: Update your Profile

Change your header to represent your superpowers and your interests. If you’re actively seeking opportunities, make sure it’s clear you’re a free agent. (ie. if you left your last job 2 months ago, update the end date!)

DO: Lean into your existing network

What prior colleagues are at interesting places now? Some companies offer employee referral bonuses--so there’s an incentive for them to recommend you internally. Let them know you’re interested. 

DO: Make (actual) connections

Establish a personal connection and show that you’re not just spamming. Do you share a connection? Why you are interested in their company? Did they post an interesting article? Did you hear them speak at a conference? Don’t be hokey or generic--do some real homework to pay a real compliment. 

DON’T: Just ask about job openings

It’s better to make the connection and get across who you are, then just blanketly asking about job opportunities. They may not have an opening, but may keep you in mind for the future or pass along your info.

DO:  Hit up non-HR people

HR people get tons of resumes a day from outside their organizations. But when they get a resume from an internal employee, they take note. So make connections with other departments. 

DON’T: Ask to meet for coffee

People love to talk about themselves and give advice...but meeting in-person is a big ask. (Most of us don’t even have time to do that with our friends). A 15 minute call is a much lower commitment. 

DO: Make it worth their while

Whether you’re asking to pick their brain or for a refferal, be clear about it and don’t make your favors too much work. Think about what you can do for them in return. ( “Is there anything I can do for you? Or someone I can connect you too?”)

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Britta Larsen