OMG: iFundWomen is Live!

Our theme for July was all about independence. We can't be independent alone. We need you!

How else will the world know about It's Britta and our unique HR POV? That's why we thought long and hard about what we can do for YOU and created some rewards for showing support.

The iFundWomen platform is awesome. It was created specifically for female founders and it's perfect for helping us reach more people. We want to make work work better for everyone! And everyone we know can benefit from a little It's Britta HR in their lives.

First off, we're featuring limited sessions with Ms. Larsen herself: for employees, for managers, for founders. Great for literally anyone who works (and wants to be better).

"Ask Britta" (HR Advice: 30 mins)
You get 30 minutes one-on-one by phone to tap into Britta's 20+ years of expertise. Perfect for worker bees: for you or gift to a friend! 

"#WWBD" (HR Coaching: 1 hour)
"What Would Britta Do?" That's what her former colleagues/employees/employers ask themselves all the time. Now you can ask too!

"Work Therapy" (HR Counsel: 2 hours)
We didn't dub it "therapy"... our clients did. This session is perfect for founders and department heads who need hands-on help.

Katie Cowden