Britta on Refinery29!

We’re so excited and honored that Britta is featured this week on Refinery29’s Salary Stories! In case you’re not familiar, Salary Stories is a R29 signature series featuring women with long-term career experience who are willing to open up about how they’ve navigated the complex world of careers, bosses, negotiating, and taking risks.

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Who better than Britta—with her experience, insider HR POV, candor, and humor—to speak to those themes??? And if being featured weren’t awesome enough, it’s actually the first time ever that R29 has featured a real photo and actual byline for a contributor to this series!

Be sure to check out the full article but here are just a few of the MANY highlights:

1999 ~ Creative Operations Coordinator: "I trafficked over 2,000 advertising and marketing projects a year for a female-founded brand. I went to fashion shows, opened up retail stores on Madison Avenue, typeset press releases, and made sure ads for Vogue had the logo in the right place (bottom left corner for left-hand pages). I worked crazy hours and loved every second of it.

2002 ~ Creative Operations Director: “The head of our in-house creative department had decided to launch his own advertising agency…We set up shop in less than a week — something I now see as insanely remarkable…I understand how people suffer from imposter syndrome, but I just didn’t have time. I was too busy managing a whole department, flying solo on client business trips, and making shit happen. It was thrilling.”

2007 ~ VP of Human Resources: “Sometimes a great mentor knows what you should do in your career before you do. Thankfully, I had one of those mentors, and he’d recognized that I was an empathetic leader and an advocate for employees, and was (unknowingly) shaping our company culture…I accepted the role (good thing, since it’d been announced to the company.)”

2009 ~ Volunteer: “Not many people quit their six-figure job to get paid in yoga, but that’s what I did.”

2010 ~ Head of HR & Operations: “It was wonderful to realize that my talents easily translated. I’d always thrived from the connections I made and relationships I built — and that would be no different anywhere I went.”

2018 ~ Founder: “Both inspired and fed up, I launched my own HR practice in July of 2018. I say ‘fed up’ because I was frustrated by aspects of the corporate world — its politics, its slowness for change, and yes, sometimes its corruption. I say ‘inspired’ because I knew I could take everything I’d learned and, to use a favorite catchphrase, use it for 'good and not evil.”

Britta in good company on R29 Living Page

Britta in good company on R29 Living Page

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