"Work Therapy" HR Coaching (50 mins)

"Work Therapy" HR Coaching (50 mins)

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We didn't dub it "therapy"... our clients did. Book an undivided 50 minutes (phone or google hangout) to tap Britta's expert counsel for any career goal, challenge, or burning HR questions you've got. You’ll be amazed how much can be accomplished in 50 minutes and how much better you’ll feel.

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Great Topics Include:

PERSONAL CAREER: Developing your personal brand, LinkedIn strategy, preparing for a performance review, negotiating an offer/salary, switching careers.

FOUNDERS: Making better hires, taking control of your culture, dealing with a toxic employee, taking care of yourself while managing it all.

LEADERS: How to work with a founder, implement a big initiative and get buy-in, balance it all (you can't but it can't feel better).

MANAGERS: How to give feedback, dealing with a challenging employee/boss/situation, dealing with workplace dynamics/politics. 

WORKER BEES: "How do I get a raise?" "Help, I hate my boss." Dealing with a challenging peer/colleague. How to resign.

NEW GRADS: "Where do I begin?" "Resume help, please!" Make your internships count. What to say on an interview. I got the job - now what?