Britta and her team are infinitely skilled at many things, but none of them are computer coders/hackers or website-building wunderkinds (yet). This site was crudely by our Chief Creative Officer using the intelligent tools and templates provided by Squarespace.


To Hans Dorsinville, the best boss I've ever had (and was lucky enough to have for 10 years), you set the bar high. He empowered a little girl to have a voice, a POV and to become a leader. He had high expectations & demands, but with even higher care, empathy and laughter. He was always true to his word and he taught me that "you have to do the job, to get the job." 

To my other bosses, over the years, who have taught me so much – Richard Capasella, Paul Donaher, Paula Daly, Gary Vilanni and Neil Wilks. I am in your debt for the many lessons and laughs. To the founders I've worked with over the last 20+ years: Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, Trey Laird, Elizabeth Lesser, Stephen Niedzwiecki, Ruth Bernstein, Jonah Disend, Mark Payne and Steve Stoute. You are a special breed and I cannot quantify how much I have learned from these visionary men and women. 

To influential colleagues whom I adore & admire: Kat Wiberg, Adam Rubin, Armando Turco, Carin Van Vuuren, Carly Moran, Carol Bitter, Carson Miller, Katie Cowden, Chaucer Barnes, David Cameron, David Ragsdale, Emily Cristoforis, Emily Griffith, Eric Turkington, Ernie Sabine, Janet Planet, Jason Brown, Jason Keehn, Jennifer Carter Campbell, Jill Iannazzi, Julie Gartell Tobin, Kellie Cronin, Kristy Alemar, Lynn Juang, Marcus Oliver, Mara Kloiber, Mel Tischler, Natalie Smith, Patrick Kinsella, Roxy Mosavar-Rahmani & Suzanne Le Mouel. Thank you for keeping it real and keeping me sane.



We are indebted to the talented photographers who have posted their work (for others to use free of charge) on the website Unsplash. Kudos to Unsplash for curating such beautiful collections and we say "Tussen Takk!" to the below artists – without your stunning work this website would be fairly underwhelming.