We make ‘work’ work better. We help founders and their teams, by improving the employee journey — from candidate to alumni. Because when work is better, life is better.

Bespoke Employee Handbooks & More…

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Our Mission:


We make ‘work’ work better. We help founders and their teams, by improving the employee journey — from candidate to alumni. Because when work is better, life is better.


Our practice provides HR, Benefits, Operational & Wellness
support in caring for a company's most valuable assets:
its people, culture, reputation, and ambitions.  


For all employees + you

We can be your internal HR department. We’re not just advocates for employees, we serve as ambassadors for the company itself--those managing it, those employed by it, and those impacted collectively by it.

  • On-site/on-call for all employees

  • Executive-level HR expertise

  • Managing the full Employee Lifecycle

  • HR Administration, Benefits, and Compliance

  • Employee Engagement and Programming

  • Performance Management & Development


Like therapy, for work

The last 20 years of working in highly-driven founder-led creative companies has given us a unique perspective on all things HR. We’ve seen it all, will call it like it is, and have your back.

  • Executive Coaching

  • HR & Operations Action Plans

  • Useful Training Programs

  • Organizational Design & Strategy

  • Crisis Management

  • Termination Best Practices


Comms strategy, internally

We say it a lot: “Good HR is Good PR.” How you show up internally matters, and at every level — from policy to perks to premiums. We “get” brands and can help you improve the employee experience.

  • Bespoke On Brand Employee Handbook & Policies

  • Tools, Templates, & Playbooks

  • Purposeful Orientation &

  • Wellness Programs


Britta’s Salary Story on Refinery 29!

In our Refinary 29 Salary Stories, women with long-term career experience open up about the most intimate details of their jobs: compensation. It’s an honest look at how real people navigate the complicated world of negotiating, raises, promotions, and job loss, with the hope it will give young women more insight into how to advocate for themselves — and maybe take a few risks along the way.

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Beliefs that inspire our work.

We respect history & future goals.

We embrace creativity & spreadsheets.

We value diversity & inclusion.

We consider individuals & organizations.

We believe in objectives & inspiration.

We promote human & business success.


Workplace Harassment Training

It’s now mandatory for NY & CA (and many other states!), so let’s make it meaningful. We have developed our own training catered towards the creative community.

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Why Good HR is Good PR

Britta’s early career goal was not to become “HR.” Like a lot of people, she held a stereotype against HR that wasn’t entirely positive. But in her late 20’s, the founders of her company recognized her unique ‘human’ talents: her natural influence, mentorship skills, and ability to create a great culture at their start-up creative agency. Without any formal HR training (she ironically kept a copy of HR for Dummies on her desk), she forged her own path to become what some now consider the ‘Anti-HR’ authority (or “HR guru”) for creative companies.

With her background in advertising and branding, Britta quickly realized that ‘Good HR is Good PR.’ That every moment—from an employee’s first contact, beyond their last day—matters. Not only for the individual, and for internal culture, but for a company’s reputation, brand and ambitions. That’s why her current practice focuses on making work ‘work better’ by improving the employee journey, from candidates to alumni.

Britta shares with us some insights and best practices that founders and leaders can leverage to improve their internal ‘employer brand,’ with or without an ‘HR’ department.


HR Counsel

Let us help care for your people, culture, reputation, and ambitions.