“The only source of knowledge is experience” - Albert Einstein

We couldn’t agree more. The world is overloaded with information, but we learn and grow through our experiences. It’s just that sometimes, you could use that knowledge a bit faster than life can deliver. That’s why our workshops take you out of the daily grind so that you can engage, practice, and remember what you learn—whether that’s understanding the new harassment mandates, or taking a day off to take care of your body/mind/soul. We promise we’ll fast track our years worth of experience, and that you’ll leave with a new perspective.

Workplace Harassment Training


Making the mandatory meaningful. NY and CA now require training for all employees, but that’s just the start of our approach. We’ve designed a unique workshop for creative companies who want to drive change and improve cultures.


Our time (and attention) are being pulled in so many directions with so many distractions — open office plans, social media, spam, inboxes overflowing…How can we ‘manage’ our time to be productive and purposeful about what we want to accomplish at work (and in life).