We love creating handbooks.

Employee Handbooks are the most tangible representation of the employer brand. What’s in it (or not in it) speaks directly to what you stand for, what you expect, and how you value your employees.

A handbook (or as we like to design them as coffee table books) deserves careful consideration, because every policy you adopt or benefit you offer is an opportunity to reinforce your values, support your ambitions, and build culture. Because there is so much weight to those choices, creating a great handbook is a process. We help make it seamless, by bringing you options and suggestions that support your employer brand.


We love the duality of handbooks. On one hand, they are very black and white: rules, compliance, legalities, mandatories. On the other hand, completely customizable: benefits, perks, PTO, and many policies are entirely up to you!


Everyone “gets” brands. It’s how they shop for fashion, sneakers, cars and…jobs. Employer brands matter. Don’t you want life-long brand ambassadors? (versus yelpers on glassdoor?) Let’s make sure you’re good on paper and in practice.


Argh. The dreaded legalese. We’ll make sure you’re compliant, without the confusion and anxieties that can surround those chapters—for you or your team. It’s a necessity and doesn’t have to be a drag.