Having worked with Britta and known her for 20+ years, she is truly one-of-a-kind. The impact she has on an organization – its culture, morale, bottom line, on “what’s important” – is unmatched.
— Hans Dorsinville, CCO

Britta is a seasoned HR professional with keen insights about organizational dynamics and people. At Dentsu, Britta worked on initiatives to improve the morale and culture of the agency, to align talent with new leadership and to integrate employees of a newly acquired business unit. She is an intelligent, hard working, HR leader with integrity.
— Gary Villani EVP, Learning & Leadership

Wonderful to work with. Organized, sharp, smart, fun. Britta is a delight, plain and simple.
— Rony Zeidan, Founder/CCO

The ultimate curator of people, Britta’s ability to create authentic connections amongst diverse groups of people is awe inspiring. Her leadership style and ability to connect, build, manage and mentor creates cultures of the best kind.
— Kate Wiberg, Senior Director, HR

Britta took an agile, start-up approach to address a wide variety of HR problems and opportunities at Dentsu. She worked quickly, collaboratively, transparently and effectively. HR in a fast-paced agency environment is always a challenge and Britta rose to it.
— Adam Devine, SVP Marketing

Having known Britta for 15 years and worked with her at two companies, I witnessed her quickly assess the needs of the business and build the necessary partnerships to implement change in both cases. In typical Britta fashion, she did it with style, substance and grace. She brings a sense of order, organization and credibility to her position and rallies those around her to get the work done.
— Julie Gartell, Partner / Talent Acquisition